Window Boxes

Shipping 4-8 weeks on all Window Boxes

Innovation takes time, time to grow,

time to think, time to explore, time to make mistakes,

time to  make it perfect.

"If you only have one Window Box then you should have the 'Pots In Planter System' - Innovative, Stylish, Posh and all your friends will go WOW."

Our three ranges of window boxes plus bespoke should meet with most garden requirements.

The CLASSIC RUTH Range has 3-9 square pots is 17cm wide, 16cm tall and 43-109cm long

The HARRIET Range has 3-9 square pots is 17cm wide, 24cm tall and 43-109cm, long

The CHARLOTTE is a one pot system with a drip tray 27cm wide, 24cm tall and 90cm long

Explore Colors and Window Boxes

3 Ranges and bespoke

British designed  and manufactured  handmade, hand painted  wooden window boxes which will instantly brighten your  environment.

We use traditional joinery techniques with modern methods to produce long lasting  products that look superb. Made from sustainable wood and painted with Farrow & Ball exterior paint, you can be assured of a quality product.


Our window boxes (Ruth & Harriet Ranges) are designed to use small square pots for individual plants and are available in a  range of lengths and colours.

The Charlotte Window Box utilises a single tray & trough

Drainage slots in the base ensure proper drainage and increase the life of the product


Need brackets for balcony, wall or window ledge? No problem -

Our wall brackets are galvanised steel with stainless steel screws and include wall plugs.

Sill brackets are made from stainless steel with with stainless steel screws and include sill plugs.