Watering Systems

We are often asked about watering systems for our planters and window boxes and we offer a complete service to enhance your planting system. This can include not only our Planters and Window Boxes but other areas of your garden.

This service can include a full turnkey solution:-Site Survey, Design, Procurement of all components and Installation.

Alternatively we offer a design and procurement service sometimes without a site visit so reducing the cost.

Installing a system only requires basic DIY skills and we are always on hand to help via email or phone.

We only source components from leading manufacturers with tried and tested products so that you can achieve the very best from your garden plants.

Please contact us for further details

Components of a system -:based on water feeds from garden hose direct or via a timer.

A water supply pipe - Supply pipe delivers water around an irrigation system from the water source to the micro (or feeder) pipe for delivery to emitters. Suitable for above ground or below ground installation, supply pipe is not usually very flexible and therefore connectors can be used to direct supply pipe around corners. Use barbed connectors for supply pipe as they provide a tight and leak-free seal which means water pressure is not compromised.

Connectors - All the vital components needed to build, extend or enhance your gardens drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation systems are a beneficial way of watering as they are environmentally friendly and direct water to exactly where it is needed ensuring healthy plant establishment and growth. Use elbows for 90 degree turns, T pieces for branching pipes, and straight connectors to extend the supply tube.

Micro Pipe - Micro pipe (also known as feeder pipe) is useful for delivering water from the supply pipe to emitters such as drippers, micro jets or micro sprinklers. It is generally very flexible and therefore can be easily manipulated to suit outdoor use. We don't recommend running lengths of micro pipe longer than 1 metre at a time as the system is likely to lose too much pressure to be able to operate effectively.

Micro Drippers - Micro Drippers distribute water over a small diameter and allow you to deliver water directly to the plant roots. Pressure compensated drippers maintain the flow rate over the system providing even watering. Adjustable drippers have variable flow rates, so you can change the amount of water delivered through each dripper to different plants or pots. Barbed drippers insert directly into the lateral supply pipe, or at the end of 4mm micro pipe coming off the supply pipe.

Water Timers - Choose from a mechanical, battery or solar, water timer for simple tap based or hose end garden irrigation systems. Rain sensors can be used with some controllers.